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Red Angus is the most trouble free herd in our purebred program. We love their natural thickness, uniformity, fleshing ability and tremendous fertility. With some of the most sought after donors in the industry and some of our herd bulls in AI stud including, Redemption, Legend, Unmatched, Paramount, Premier, Synergy, Better Answer, Assurance, Commitment, Covenant, Tugboat,  Brown Heritage, Norseman King, Celebration, Mission Statement, Vacation, Cheyenne, Good One, Made Right, and Major League, our Red Angus herd has come to the forefront of the industry. We attribute this to disciplined breeding strategies of stacking proven AI sires, generation after generation, along with owning the best breeding stock we can find. We design these cattle to have calving ease with high growth in a moderately framed package, plus strong carcass traits, superior reproductive efficiency and adaptability to hot and harsh climates.

The base of our Red Angus herd came from Roy Beeby, who had been performance testing his, moderate sized, highly fertile herd for 35 years with strict selection for calving ease and continuous, short calving intervals. We took this herd to a whole new level of performance with top AI sires. Ten years later we gave our herd another boost by acquiring the pick of Leachman’s Elite Nucleus herd and coming home with 17 of the best females in the entire breed. Since then we have been mass multiplying these top females through embryo transfer, resulting in many of these superior animals in the sale today.

Phase three has been to infuse the most superior Black Angus genetics into our Red Angus herd. We will continue to use proven, high accuracy sires to provide you, our customer, with animals that are multiple generations of predictable, and profitable cattle.
All of the Red Angus bulls purchased at R.A. Brown Ranch have papers transferred making their calf crops eligible for the Red Angus Feeder Calf Certification program. It has been very rewarding to be a part of this performance driven breed. We were blessed to attend the 50th anniversary of this great breed. It is amazing how “on target” the early pioneers of Red Angus were. Their quest for high quality, performance cattle, continues today within the members of the Red Angus Association and the philosophy of it’s staff and leadership. We are thankful for the opportunity to have served the breed as a National Board Member and  2008-2010 National President.

Strengths of Red Angus:
High carcass quality for both marbling and tenderness
Light birth weight… Excellent calving ease
Moderate mature size/easy keeping females with lower maintenance costs
Reproductive efficiency - the best of all our pure breeds
Popular…strong market demand
Red color is more adaptable to hot environments
Calves sired by registered bulls provides access to the popular FCCP age and source program

Best Uses:
Producing replacement females
Breeding virgin heifers for calving ease
Selling Red Angus sired feeder calves or retaining ownership
Versatile, can be used on any breed and type of cow.
Gives you the advantages of Black Angus with more adaptability to hotter, more humid environments.

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