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We developed the Hotlander™ composite in the late 1980’s with the help of experts like Dr. Keith Gregory of the U.S. Meat AnimalResearch Center and Dr. Ronnie Green, Professor of AnimalBreeding and Genetics.  All things considered, in tough, hot climates, the Hotlander™ cattle do more things right than any other cattle we have ever seen. They are being used all over the southern half of the U.S., from Florida to California, as well as Mexico, South America and Australia.

Reproductive Efficiency
The reproductive efficiency of the cattle is absolutely amazing. They breed extremely well as yearling heifers to calve at 23-25 months of age. The two year old heifers have continually weaned from 50-61% of their body weight and even during three years of a 5-year drought, we’ve had a 100% rebreed on two year old heifers nursing their first calf. The longevity of the females appears to be very good and udder quality is fantastic.

Carcass Quality and Yield
The cattle have fed well in the feedlot and carcass data is impressive. They are high red meat yield cattle, averaging over 70% Yield Grade 1s & 2s. Quality grade has also been good, averaging about 67% Choice and better. Their beef is also very tender. We had 99 steers in an NCA tenderness project comparing them to SimAngus, Brangus, Braford, and Simbrah. The Hotlander™ cattle’s Warner Bratzler Shear force averaged only 5.4 pounds with all Hotlanders™ testing in the acceptable range. The Hotlander™ and SimAngus cattle were right together and significantly more tender than all three of the 3/8 Brahman breeds. This is a home run for Hotlander™, because they are heat tolerant cattle with excellent carcass traits, especially tenderness.

Simple Composite Breeding
We love the disposition of the cattle and they remain very uniform through multiple generations of breeding Hotlander™ cows to Hotlander™ bulls. This is one of the best things about composite breeding. It is very easy. You just use the bulls and cows just as if they were purebreds, like breeding Angus to Angus. However you get the benefits of crossbreeding like breed complementarity and heterosis (hybrid vigor). Breed complementarity is getting traits from each breed expressed in the composite offspring. Heterosis is the increase in performance due to crossbreeding. The benefits of heterosis include: improved reproductive efficiency, longevity, faster growth and more milk. With composite breeding you get these benefits plus the uniformity of each calf crop and the simplicity of breeding them like a purebred herd of cattle.

Constant Improvement
The key to keeping the benefits of crossbreeding in a composite herd are to maintain outcross genetics and wedo that for you. We continue to put new genetics in from all 4 breeds (see diagram on the next page). We are now doing this by producing Senesim (Senepol X Simmental) bulls to use on Brangus cows to get new and improved Hotlander™ genetics. In addition, we are now making Hotlander Plus™ bulls with the added marketability and popularity of the Angus and Red Angus to make them 5/8 AN, 1/8 Br, 1/8 SM, 1/8 SE. This allows us to maintain the heterosis while also taking advantage of all of the genetic advancement being made in each of the four pure breeds. This may sound complicated, but leave all of that up to us. We are doing it to continually improve on the Hotlander™ cattle. Our goal is to improve your profits while simplifying your management at the same time with easy-to-use breeding strategies.

Benefits of Hybrid Bulls and Cows
We have been taught for generations to use crossbred cows because of their advantages in reproductive efficiency, fertility, longevity, soundness and increased production. The reality is that we have all of the same advantages in hybrid bulls, plus they have increased libido or sex-drive. Using hybrid sires of superior genetics, (just like these bulls) is what the pork and poultry industry are doing to reach all new records for production and customer satisfaction. Many cattle producers are seeing the same results by using these hybrid bulls. Use them with confidence just like you do purebred sires.

How to Best Use Them
Hotlander™ bulls can be used on any breed of cow. They work great on crossbred cows like Braford, Brangus, Beefmaster and Santa Gertrudis. Hotlander™ bulls bred to these Brahman x English cows will improve their growth, fertility and reproductive efficiency as well as carcass quality, yield and tenderness. The beautiful part is that they also allow you to keep heat tolerant replacement females that will work very well in your environment. Plus, with a planned crossbreeding program like this, the calves will be very uniform and stay that way generation after generation. Within three generations, your cattle will be bred up to purebred Hotlander™ status.
Hotlander™ bulls can also be used on English and English cross cows that do not have any Brahman influence. These bulls are very versatile. We will say it again. In tough environments, Hotlander™ cattle do more things right than any other breed of cattle that we have ever known.

How to Buy Hotlander Cattle

Every year we offer a small, highly selected group of bulls for sale by private treaty. These bulls will be on display and available at our annual bull sale. Females are also marketed private treaty. Please call Rob Brown at 940-849-5451 for more information.
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