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At the R.A. Brown Ranch, we have one goal that we work hard for everyday, to provide excellent quality cattle made up of sound genetics from the breed leaders. We are proud to be a family operation, all sharing in our passion for ranching. Please give us a call if you have any questions.
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The R.A. Brown Ranch is blessed with a team of talented, hard-working folks who daily “RIDE FOR THE BRAND”.
  Donnell Brown
Seedstock Manager
and Marketing
Kelli Brown
Data Management,
Catalog & Advertising

Travis Moore
Ranch Foreman
  Tucker Brown
Hunting/ Wildlife Managment
Ty Fox
Bull Development
Lanham Brown
  Jerry Houston
Feed Manager
Becky Gage
Office / Record Keeping
Gabe Jennings
Intern, Texas Tech University
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Let us introduce you to a group of folks who are an integral part of the R.A. Brown Ranch Team. We have hand selected these herds to help us increase the number of bulls offered in our sale while maintaining the strong quality we demand in our breeding program. These herds are similar to ours in 1). The strength of their genetics, 2). The strictness of their herd health program and 3) The integrity of the data reported. These bulls come with the same breeding guarantee and customer service you have come to expect from the R.A. Brown Ranch. The bulls arrive in Throckmorton, TX after weaning to be grown and developed with our bulls under the same management program. One of the blessings that has developed from this aspect of our business is the relationships we have developed with these fine people. There are lots of great people in the “cow business” and we think many of them are on this list.

Double A Cattle
(Red Angus)

Double A Cattle Company is a rather new cattle partnership that originated as a result of a five generation family farming and ranching operation that began in Nolan County about 7 miles south of Roscoe, Texas back in 1917.  At that time, the Alexander’s, who were primarily cotton farmers, migrated west from Livingston, Texas to escape uncontrollable insect damage to East Texas cotton, while the Graham family, who were primarily cattle ranchers, migrated east from Fort Stockton, Texas to escape drought. Living just across the road from each other, W.J. Alexander and Johnny Lee Graham married a short time later, and began the legacy. In 1957, in an attempt to escape the drought of the 50’s, W. J. bought a ranch in Coryell County, and turned the Roscoe operation over to his youngest son, Dean. Dean Alexander farmed independently until 1977, when his two sons, Mike and Kim, joined the operation known as Alexander & Sons.  In 1989, when Dean retired, Mike and Kim formed a partnership known as Alexander Farms.  Then in 2004, when Mike’s oldest son, Justin, and Kim’s only son, Roddy, joined the family farm, the operation was split, as Mike kept Alexander Farms, and Kim, his wife Marsha, and son Roddy formed Alexander Ag.

In 2006, Alexander Ag got into the Red Angus registered seed stock business when they bought 4 registered Red Angus bred heifers at the RA Brown Ranch Annual Sale. They began to gradually expand the registered seed stock operation, and in 2011 were invited to become cooperators in the RA Brown Ranch Bull Cooperative. In 2012, in an attempt to accelerate the herd expansion, Alexander Ag merged its seed stock operation with Justin Alexander, and his wife, Tamara, who ran a commercial cattle operation, to form Double A Cattle Company, which today consists of registered Red Angus bulls, cows and heifers and commercial Simangus cattle.

Double A Cattle Company is committed to producing high quality cattle that meet the demands of an ever-changing market place.  Using Artificial Insemination, Embryo Transfer and In-vitro Fertilization along with continuous data analysis allows us to rapidly adapt to the market needs of today as well as prepare for anticipated future trends.

We are very fortunate and blessed to be a part of the R.A. Brown team.  As a unified body of cooperators we are able to capitalize on the experience, knowledge and expertise of each individual team member.  We look forward to the future growth of the registered seed stock industry and the strengthening of the many great relationships within the RA Brown Ranch Bull Cooperative family, as the future looks extremely bright for the beef industry.

3K Land and Cattle
(Red Angus)

3K Land and Cattle is a family owned and operated ranch located in the North Texas community of Drop, near Justin, TX.  It was established by Wayne and Judy Kay Ferguson and is named after the females in the family: Judy Kay, Amanda Kay and Brenna Kay. The tradition continues with the next generation: Karlee Kay and Kenedy Kay DeVoe and Emerson Kay Owens.

The ranch is managed by Judy Kay and son-in-law Kyley DeVoe. The DeVoe family lives on the ranch and Kyley manages the day-to-day operations.

The Registered Red Angus herd maintains the qualities that produce outstanding cattle: fertility, good udders, calving ease, sound structure, carcass quality, low maintenance, and strong performance. We utilize artificial insemination, embryo transfer and performance data to produce bulls and females that keep our program current with the needs of the cattle industry.

wood red angus
(Red Angus)

Wood Red Angus is a family owned ranch operated by Mike and Kathryn Wood and
their two children, Nick and Katelyn.  The
ranch is located in beautiful northeast
Oklahoma, near Sallisaw, in the foothills of
the Ozark Mountains. The cattle run on
Bermuda and fescue pastures with minimal
supplementation in the winter.  We strive to
produce “herd bull” quality sires for the
commercial cattleman: cattle which excel in
type, performance, carcass quality, and
adaptability.  With our bulls working
successfully across the U.S and Canada,
from the heat and humidity of Alabama, to
the 300 acre per animal unit high desert
of Nevada, we believe we are meeting our
goals. Wood Red Angus will continue to improve our product to enable our customers the profit potential to maintain the ranching lifestyle that we truly love so
much.  We are very excited to be with Donnell, Kelli, Tucker and Lanham as we believe in their program and know that they are
industry leaders in genetics, leadership and above all else Integrity.

dancin deer ranch
(Red and black sm/Angus)

Owned by Ken and Marja Bower and located in Forestburg, Texas. We have been in the cattle business since 1993 starting with Simmental then turning our focus to Sm/Angus cattle. Cooperating with the RA Brown Ranch since 1999 has played a major part in our success.

ferrill family cattle company
(Red Angus)

Don and Denise Ferrill own and operate the Ferrill Family Cattle Company on the Ferrill Ranch near Comanche, Texas.  Don is a fifth generation rancher.  Although Denise has no ranching heritage, born and raised in Dallas, Texas, she has taken to ranching like a duck takes to water.  The Ferrills had always raised commercial cattle.  In
October 2011, inspired to help feed a hungry world, Don & Denise
acquired their first two registered Red Angus cows.  Their goal is to
produce cattle with strong growth and carcass traits without
sacrificing efficiency.  They could not have obtained a better
foundation in the Red Angus seedstock business than C-Bar & Brown
Abigrace T714, declared by Donnell Brown to be his “pick for the
best Abigrace daughter in production.” This acquisition was followed
the next year by the purchase of an interest in the high selling bull
at the 2012 RA Brown Ranch Fall Bull Sale, Brown JYJ Redemption
Y1334.  In their spare time, Don practices law in Fort Worth and
Denise is a licensed real estate agent. They have two grown children ,
Heather and Ryan.

broseco Ranches
(Red Angus)

Broseco (Brown Security Company) ranch began in 1962 when Donaldson Brown purchased the 44 thousand acre Pewitt Ranch near Omaha, Texas.   The family has owned and operated the ranch since then.  Tom Woodward joined the team in 1981 and has served as general manager of their operations to date. 

Broseco is a commercial cow/calf operation that also has owned most
of their calves through the stocker  and feeder phases since the late 1980”s.  The ranch started a red angus herd in the early 1990’s and has produced most the bulls for their commercial operation.  They were involved in Ranchers Renaissance and Tom has served in a number of capacities wi th NCBA, Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers, Red Angus Association of America, Fort Worth Livestock Show and other civic and industry efforts. 

Broseco has been recognized as commercial producer of the year by the
Beef Improvement Federation and the Red Angus Association of America. 

Contact: Tom Woodward - Cell: 940-393-6316, Ranch Office: 903-884-2102.

cross b cattle company
(Red Angus)

Tony and Allison Ballinger have lived on her family's  third generation-owned ranch in Morgan Mill, Tx since they married in
1998.  They started a commercial herd in the late 90's and
through the years began focusing more on Red Angus genetics, which led to their now purebred herd.  It was though that
decision they met the Brown Family, and many other people who
have greatly influenced the direction of their program.  Cross
B Cattle Company has been a cooperator since 2011.  They
are also vested partners in the 3K & Friends Annual Production
Sale every spring.

Tony has worked in the feed industry since 1997 for MoorMans/ADM.  He served as President of Texas Red Angus
for 2 years, as well as Lone Star Ag Credit board of directors
. He is also a board member of the  Morgan Mill ISD.  They are
both graduates of Tarleton State University, with Tony earning
a masters in Animal Science in 1997.  Allison has a photography
business she started in 2003 that focuses on promotional equine images as well as sessions for those who are involved in the
horse and ranching lifestyle.  They have three children- Lane, Carson and Henley.  Carson and Henley enjoy showing Red Angus
heifers at the major shows, and being very involved in all ranching aspects from feeding, breeding, and learning about
maintaining a registered herd.  They also raise performance/cow bred Quarter Horses, and have been a recognized breeder
with AQHA since 1998.  They prefer using horses for working cattle, and the kids enjoying showing them as well.  They are
members of RAAA, TRAA, TSCRA, NCBA and AQHA.  Carson has served as a director of Texas Junior Red Angus, as well as
President of Morgan Mill 4H.  Henley is eagerly beginning her showing career, while Lane is attending Baylor University on a
full academic scholarship.

They have been blessed in so many ways to enjoy this lifestyle of raising the livestock they love along with their family and
friends….  "Proven, balanced genetics for the commercial cattlemen."

(Red Angus)

Rice Red Angus is a ranch operated by second-generation ranchers C. C. and Katherine Rice of Eastland, Texas. Their goal every year is to produce the best cattle in the Red Angus herdbook. Rice Red Angus enjoys a prize-winning tradition of excellent bulls and reliable females. In 2010, Rice Red Angus gained top honors in stock shows across the State and the Nation, including Houston, Fort Worth, and Denver. In addition to stellar EPDs, these cattle are bred for attitude; so you will find them to be gentle and easy to work. If you want superior genetics that will enhance your program, you can't go wrong with cattle from Rice Red Angus.

Contact: or 254-629-2140

(Red Angus)

Cedar Hill Farm, located in Jane Lew, Almost Heaven, West Virginia, is owned and operated by Dan and Alicia Stickel along with our daughter Chelsea. We manage all aspects of our cattle operation from health management to feeding, breeding and calving with limited outside help so we fully understand the importance of functional, low maintenance, trouble free cattle.

At Cedar Hill Farm we manage our registered Red Angus herd in steep hilly terrain under commercial cattle conditions. In 1996 we began using a Red Angus bull in a crossbreeding program on Seneford and Black Senegus cattle. The Red Angus calves performed exceptionally well and since that time our herd has expanded to include over 200 head of registered 1A Red Angus females.

Our goal is to set the standard for functional, trouble free, user friendly beef cattle. Our breeding program places emphasis on maintaining large correctly sorted contemporary groups to assure the data we collect accurately reflects the performance and functionality of each individual within our herd. It is with confidence that we can guarantee every animal we sell.
Since 1998 we have been plan mating each Red Angus female to high accuracy sires or bulls sired by multiple-generations of high accuracy sires to minimize genetic risk. From the very beginning we have utilized an intensive AI program. Each breeding season we average over 98% of our females being AI bred prior to being exposed to natural service bulls.

We place great emphasis on multiple trait selection rather than chasing any one particular fad or trait. We have collected and utilized carcass ultrasound data on all calves since 1997. We place selection pressure on our herd for low maintenance energy and we cull for undesirable structural conditions, fertility and disposition. In our environment the steep hills and fescue forage will quickly weed out hard doing and structurally unsound cattle.

At Cedar Hill Farm we utilize embryo transfer to proliferate only the very best females in our herd. Our E.T. program is made up of a select group of exceptional females. Each donor must demonstrate her ability to consistently replicate extraordinary progeny before she is considered for our E.T. program.

Our planned mating system emphasizes as much attention to detail for natural service sire selection as it does in AI sire selection. Each female in our herd is exposed to the natural service bull that most closely hits the target desired for that particular offspring. Natural service sires that have been used at Cedar Hill include Cheyenne, LJC Javelin M08, Celebration, Commitment and Assurance; all five of which are marketed through major bull studs. We also own semen interest in Packer, one of the most used AI stud bulls in the industry.

Cedar Hill Farm has been a cooperator with RA Brown Ranch since 1991 and many of our top performing bull calves sell in their annual bull sale the second Wednesday of October each year. A significant number of our Red Angus cattle descend from an original group of 28 head of females we selected from RA Brown Ranch. Many of our herd sires have also come from RA Brown Ranch because we believe in the integrity of the Brown breeding program.

Visitors are always welcome at Cedar Hill Farm. We enjoy providing tours of our herd or just talking about our passion of producing the very best cattle we can possibly produce. Feel free to give us a call any time at 304-884-7993 or email us at

(Red Angus)

Alexander Ag is a 3,000 acre farming and ranching operation in Roscoe, Texas since 1917.  Kim and Marsh Alexander were married in July of 1975 and came back to the farm in December of 1976, upon graduation from college. Both are also long time employees of Roscoe ISD, where he serves as superintendent and she serves as the counselor. Roddy was born in 1980 and also came back to the farming operation upon graduation from Texas A&M in 2004.  He also serves as assistant principal at Sweetwater High School. His sister, Kari Su, was born in 1986 and is currently in graduate school at The University of Houston. 

While primarily a cotton and wheat farming operation; Alexander Ag has a long history in the production cattle business. In October of 2006, the operation ventured into the Registered Red Angus business with the purchase of four bred heifers at the annual RA Brown Ranch sale.  Since that time, we have chosen to grow slowly but surely, with the emphasis upon quality rather than quantity. Today, we are extremely proud of the strong friendship and business relationship we have developed with the RA Brown Ranch as members of their Bull Cooperative.

Miller Family
(SimAngus, Red Angus)

Chuck and Christi Miller are raising cows and kids on green pastures in central Missouri. The Millers stock their grass pastures with Simmental, Red Angus and SimAngus females to provide SimAngus bulls to R.A. Brown Ranch. A number of the females on the farm are the result of multiple generation SimAngus breeding and the Red Angus originate largely from the R.A. Brown program. The Simmental genetics originated from Dr. Jerry Lipsey, long-time CEO of the American Simmental Association. Only animals that meet strict disposition, phenotype and EPD benchmarks remain in the herd. The Millers use artificial insemination and purchase the best possible clean-up bulls for their breeding program from ranches such as Gibbs Farms, Deiter Brothers and Little Bitterroot Ranch.

Away from the farm, Chuck is a vocational agriculture teacher and FFA advisor. Christi is communications specialist at the local electric cooperative and a freelance writer. Their children, Abby and Ethan, love school, fishing and showing their animals at the county fair.

BOLA Red Angus
(Red Angus)

Located in the rolling hills of Montague County near Forestburg, Texas, BOLA is a family partnership between the Dancin’ Deer Ranch owned by Ken and Marja BOwer and the 608 Ranch owned by Marja’s brother, Lane LAdewig…thus the name BOLA Red Angus. BOLA’s mission is to produce quality Red Angus through an intensive artificial insemination and embryo transfer program. We continually strive to produce well-balanced, uniform, honest cattle with above average EPD’s and phenotype. We thoroughly enjoy our cattle, and we have met so many wonderful people with the same passion for this exciting endeavor called “The Cattle Business”!
BOLA Red Angus
Ken & Marja Bower, Lane Ladewig
P.O. Box 215, Forestburg, TX 76239
(940) 964-2317

J-L Cattle Company
(Angus, SimAngus)

James “Jim” Riggins has long ties to the cattle industry. His great great grandfather Elijah and brother Charles Goodnight blazed the Goodnight-Loving trail. For over 100 years his family has been ranching in Wilbarger County west of Vernon, Texas. In January 2001 Riggins formed J Bar L Cattle Company to expand his commercial operation and started a registered Angus herd. Since that time he has been active in the R.A. Brown Ranch Angus and SimAngus Cooperator program.

Riggins has strong ties to agriculture as he is a graduate of Texas A & M University Game Warden Program, Tarleton State University with a B.S. in Agriculture, and also was known for his work with U.S. Seeds Inc. as President and CEO with worldwide ties. Outside of ranching interests, Riggins stays involved with many community programs, including
those that focus on at-risk children.

JYJ  Red Angus

JYJ Red Angus, LLC is owned and operated by Jim and Jessica Yance of Southeast Alabama.  Jim and Jessica both grew up on local family farms where God, family, and agriculture were instilled in their lives. Jim and Jessica strive to pass on their passion for God, family, agriculture and cattle to their son, Tye.

Jim is a graduate of Abraham Baldwin Agriculture College with a degree in Livestock Health. Jim’s background in livestock is utilized daily as the owner and manager of both commercial and registered herds. Jim and Jessica also own and operate YJ Farms, LLC. This operation consists of row crops, hay and forage, small grains, and a commercial cow-calf operation. Jim has served on various state and local agriculture boards. He currently serves as Alabama Farmers Federation Beef Board member, Henry County Farmers Federation board member and Henry County Alfa Young Farmers member. He also served a 3-year term as Regional Vice-President of the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association. Jim, Jessica and Tye were chosen as the 2013 Outstanding Young Farm Family for the Beef division.

Jessica is an Auburn graduate with a degree in Nutrition/Food Science. She also earned an Elementary Education degree from Troy University. Jessica teaches Kindergarten in addition to managing JYJ Red Angus and YJ Farms with her husband, Jim. The Yances are dedicated members within their church family; serving as deacon and teacher.

As a commercial cattleman, Jim has purchased and utilized RA Brown genetics in his cow-calf operation for many years. After seeing the performance of the Red Angus influence in the commercial cow herd, Jim and Jessica grew a passion for Red Angus cattle. They purchased several Red Angus donor cows from RA Brown Ranch. Starting out with 8 registered cows, JYJ Red Angus was established. In 2006, the Yances joined the RA Brown Cooperative Team. Jim and Jessica are the breeders of  “Redemption” (Brown JYJ Redemption Y1334).

The JYJ Red Angus mission is to produce exceptionally sound, genetically-proven cattle for the benefit of the commercial cattlemen which will result in producing top quality beef. We utilize the use of Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer to produce well-balanced, efficient, performance-driven cattle. We are dedicated to being good stewards  of the land, honest business partners, and enthusiastic cattle producers who love and enjoy being a part of the cattle industry.

We are current members of the Red Angus Association of America, the Southeastern Red Angus Association, the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association, and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.

“I will provide grass in the fields for your cattle, and you will eat and be satisfied.”
Deuteronomy 11:15

JYJ Red Angus, LLC
1092 Davis St.
Columbia, AL
334-696-8956 (home) or 334-726-7342 (Jim) and

Jody Bellah

Jody Bellah maintains an Angus cow herd using top bulls and the most current genetics from the R.A. Brown Ranch. The ranch is located near Stamford, TX. His base cow herd was purchased in 1987 and had been straight Angus since 1916. Jody also runs commercial stockers on wheat and grass.

Tucker and Lanham Brown

Tucker and Lanham are 6th generations deep in cattle heritage. As teenagers they now enjoy spending their summers working along side of employees and family. They are continuing to develop their own small herds of Red Angus cows and raising bulls to sell in the families’ annual sale. Most of these cows come from young show heifers that they campaigned on the tanbark at one time. 

jones ranch
(Angus, Red Angus, SimAngus)

Owned and operated by Brad and Charlotte Jones, Jones Ranch is located in the community of Telephone, Texas, in beautiful northeast

While it began as a commercial cattle operation in 1985, Jones Ranch
has since transitioned to a complete herd of registered Black Angus,
Red Angus and SimAngus cattle. Brad and Charlotte continuously strive
to improve their herd through a balanced use of both proven and
cutting-edge genetics, performance based data, and multi trait
selection. In addition, an extensive AI and ET program is utilized to
ensure they produce progressive cattle that excel in all areas.
Brad also operates a cattle reproduction business where he specializes
in Embryo recovery and transfer, estrus synchronization and artificial

Jones Ranch offers cattle with genetic predictability and profitability, and has been a cooperator with RA Brown Ranch since 2001.

Mathiews Cattle Co Red Angus

Texas Tech University SimAngus: Ryan Rathmann, Lubbock, TX

Rob A. Brown Family Angus: Stinnett, TX

Terry Spears Carcass Test Herd: Vernon, TX

Jack Horne Embryo Herd: Coleman, TX
Thank you for your interest in R.A. Brown Ranch. If you would like additional information please contact us at 940-849-0611. We love to hear from our customers, and we will be happy to help however we can.
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